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Curly shoelaces.


It does not need to tie.
It can not be solved.
It will not get tangled. 


Strongest fitting feeling.

Not loose.
Ultrafit spring shaped elongated rubber shoelace.

Are you fed up with always tying shoelaces?
The labor and troubles of shoelaces are constant.
Curly shoelaces are easy to use and durable.
And you can solve all problems related to shoelaces!

  • Main material: polyester, rubber

  • Surface: Polyester

  • You can lock the shoelaces easily. - After tightening the shoelaces, there is no need to adjust. Curly shoelaces stretch when wearing, you can always keep wearing in a fixed state.

  • Anyone can use it. - This coiled shoelace solves the problems of children, young people, adults, the elderly, or those who could not tie shoes.

  • Easy to install in 5 minutes and can be fixed firmly.

  • Material: rubber, polyester

  • Size: Free size

JAN code / product name / product number

4589786770292 / Curly shoelaces lace black / UK-0701

4589786770308 / Curly shoe laces white / UK-0702

4589786770315 / Curly shoelaces thread red / UK-0703

4589786770322 / Curly shoe lace blue / UK-0704

4589786770339 / Curly shoelaces yellow / UK-0705

4589786770346 / Curly shoe string green / UK-0706

4589786770353 / Curly shoe laces Orange / UK-0707

4589786770360 / Curly shoelaces pink / UK-0708

4589786770377 / Curly shoes string purple / UK-0709

4589786770384 / Curly shoelaces dark brown / UK-0710

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