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SnapCrab_Custom Nixie Watch NIWA - Googl

World's first USB powered Nixie watches


JAN code / product name / product number

4589786770254 / NIWA Nixie Black Band / UK-0501

4589786770261 / NIWA Nixie silver band / UK-0502

NIWA is a Nixie tube watch that displays time using vintage Nixie tube and the latest technology.
The case is made of machined aluminum (polished or painted).
Tubes do not generate noise and heat, they consume little energy and are the most beautiful way to display time.

Built-in gyro sensor, displays time when tilted, saves power.
Therefore, it lights only when it is necessary to display time.
After testing that chose the most powerful and compact battery for development, the IN-16 Nixie tube was found to be the most stable tube and it was adopted.
I understand that this miniaturization technology is complicated and in fact it was a difficult process to commercialize using this IN-16 tube.
As a result, you can enjoy a truly warm and rare glow with the Nixie tube everyday.

NIWA Nixie Tube Watch features two very distinctive features that impress people who love innovative and eye-catching watches.
First, NIWA's unusual eye-catching appearance is quite different from thousands of other watches currently on the market.
NIWA's watches are designed using high quality and reliable materials, making the appearance of the watch a completely new dimension.
Second, the old cathode display of the nixie tube brings a very loved retro warmth and healing from the 70's to the 80's.

Main Specifications
• Circular shape with a diameter of 55 mm
• Machining from aircraft grade aluminum
• Processed with anodic acid paint, color selected from silver and black
• 24 mm strap
• Charging docking station (USB powered)
• 2 x IN-16 Nixie Tube
• 2 x IV-15 tube
• Nixie tube life guarantee

set content
• NIWA Nixie Watch
• Dock station with stand
• Time and angle setup magnet
• Power USB cable
•wooden box

How to match time and gyro sensor
Please check with the following video

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