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The world's first 180 ° headlight.

It is an introduction of innovative 180 ° LED light "ONE 80 light" which can be attached to the head and belt.


The ONE 80 light is equipped with 20 high-intensity band-shaped LED lights, and it irradiates a much wider 180 ° range than normal headlight. This allows you to reproduce the peripheral vision like daytime even in the dark. Unlike conventional headlights, unlike conventional headlights, you do not need to move your neck every time you want to see the object, so you can see multiple objects apart from each other in the sight at the same time even in the dark .

Also, even when wearing and exercising such as running, you can stably illuminate the peripheral visual field.

Built-in 1800 mA battery, it can be used for up to 7 hours (* 1) with one charge.

Since the battery pack adopts a very compact size, it is possible to carry multiple batteries and exchange them for use.

It is compatible with micro USB charging for charging the battery, it is possible to charge from the AC adapter or PC. The ONE 80 light modulates each part and adopts a replaceable design as necessary.


* 1 When low mode is irradiated by using optional 2-mode battery

It is also introduced at the following site.
I went to the mine with firefighter 's training on ONE 80 headlight on Saturday. Everyone who was there wants that headlight! The most negative comment I have heard is "Can you bring this into a flame?", "Yes, you can!" I answered.
Today, it arrived! I am accustomed to running running at night with LED headlights so far, but this is more amazing than any one. The view of the whole field of view will really improve! You can easily follow the road with your eyes. With this, I was able to run easily comfortably.
Patent pending
Full Peripheral Vision Head & Belt Lamp ・© 2016
Our company is the Japan import agency for Harvey LLC (ONE 80 light) products.

​Product lineup

Start selling domestically in early November 2016

JAN code / product name / product number

4589786770063 / ONE 80 head light + battery / UK - 0301

4589786770070 / ONE 80 headlight + 2 battery / UK - 0302

4589786770087 / ONE 80 Trek light + battery / UK - 0303

4589786770094 / ONE 80 Trek light + 2 battery / UK - 0304

4589786770100 / ONE80 battery / UK-0305

4589786770117 / ONE 80 headband / UK - 0306

4589786770124 / ONE 80 Trek Belt / UK - 0307

4589786770223 / ONE 80 non-slip helmet band / UK-0308

4589786770247 / ONE80 2 mode battery / UK - 0309

ONE 80 light headlamp

ONE80 light head lamp
+ Battery
ONE80 light head lamp
+ Battery × 2

ONE80 light trek belt lamp

ONE80 light trek belt lamp
+ Battery
ONE80 light trek belt lamp
+ Battery × 2
Preparing for sale

ONE 80 Light Option Parts

ONE80 light battery only
End of sale
ONE80 light headband only
ONE80 Light Trek Belt only
ONE80 light helmet for mounting non-slip band only
ONE 80 Light 2 Mode Battery Pack 1800 mAh

Developer Story


Over the past few years, we have sell various products online. However, there were no products of importance in the products we sell.

A year and a half ago, we tried the idea of ​​a new product.

Wrap a strip of LED strips newly made on his forehead in the living room of Rusty, switch on.

Instantly we discovered the importance of a new headlight that is totally different from a single circular beam of conventional headlights that has gone frustrating memories of using conventional headlamps.

ONE 80 headlight was born!

We have relied on headlights for work in the dark, recreation.

However, all the headlamps that have been used until now have the same problems and can only secure a limited tunnel-like field of view.

Using the most powerful headlights sold in the market, you can illuminate the road a maximum of 200 yards, but you move your head to see a slight sideways left or right side is needed. Peripheral vision like daytime can not be reproduced.

By using ONE 80 headlight you can secure your peripheral vision even at night.

We finally got ready to start the headlight revolution! !


If ONE 80 light it is possible to spend comfortably in any darkness.
Make everyone's outdoor life even better.
Please try the world's first 180 ° headlight, ONE 80 light head lamp.


ONE 80 light was posted on "Disaster Prevention Bullet of Mono / Magazine" released on July 3.

■ Mono / Magazine Official Site


ONE 80 light was published in BE-PAL of the March issue of 2017.

ONE 80 light was posted at this month's geeze in BE-PAL.

■ BE-PAL Official Site

The ONE 80 light was published in the mountains and valleys of the February 2017 issue.

ONE 80 light was posted at Goods & Presents in mountains and valleys.

■ Mountains and valleys


ONE80 light was published in Active Life.

On November 17, 2016 of Active Life, ONE 80 light was posted.

■ Active Life

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