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Rasheed design 

Rashide design" to select unique designs by various designers around the world

The concept is a novel and artistic product not found in conventional products.
If you are not satisfied with conventional productions, we will introduce "Rasheed design", a gift for loved ones and recommended for special occasions.


Rasheed Design Minimalist Wallet

  • It is the appearance of a money clip that can store about 20 cards and can correspond to banknotes and small changes.

  • The card has the storage capacity that can hold up to 20 sheets while being as easy as carrying a stack of cards. It is possible to take out the card by pushing the dent in the lower part. Even if you get in your pocket, you won't get in the way of the suit jacket or pants.

  • An adjustable rubber band can hold up to 20 cards.

  • Rubber bands can also be used as money clips.

  • It has a multi-card quick access system that allows for easy insertion and removal of multiple cards.

  • It is the first time that this size money clip has adopted a multi-hold system that can store all of cash, bills, receipts and changes. -Carry everything you need-

  • -Superior design-The case body is made of aircraft grade aluminum and is slim and very lightly portable.

  • 3 Quick adjustable band system Depending on the number of stored cards, elastic band expansion and contraction can be easily adjusted in three steps.

  • RFID / NFC RFID NFC protection-With credit card skimming prevention mechanism it is highly secure.

  • Product number: UK-10D

  • JAN code:

  • Color variations:

  • Product size: 86mm x 67mm x 23mm

  • Weight: g

ラシードデザイン グリップテープ.jpg
Stilvolle tools Fastener Tape (White 05m
Stilvolle tools Fastener Tape (White 05m
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