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Adhesive tape for wallpaper


You can re-paste it freely, so it's okay if you make a mistake.
You can easily and beautifully apply the wallpaper. Since it can be re-pasted, even beginners can feel free to try it.

For renting, it is necessary to attach with masking tape and double-sided tape, but with this tape you only need to attach it once, so you can finish the work very efficiently and quickly.

It was really hard to put wallpaper with conventional double-sided tape


Could not re-paste
Once the wallpaper was pasted, it could not be re-pasted.

Beginners who are not accustomed to pasting cannot feel free to remodel.

When actually pasting it, it was necessary to finely position it.


Due to its strong adhesiveness, it cannot be returned to the state before it was applied.
Traditional double-sided tape for wallpaper and glued wallpaper have strong adhesiveness once they are applied, so the previous wallpaper also peeled off.

However, there is a problem if it cannot be restored to its original state by renting.


Masking tape is required for rent
It was necessary to put masking tape under the double-sided tape when sticking it with tape so that it could be restored to its original state.

Since it was necessary to apply the tape twice, it was time-consuming and tended to be a difficult task.

It can be easily pasted using double-sided wallpaper tape that can be re-pasted as many times as you like.

By using this double-sided tape, you can freely reattach it.

Also, since it can be peeled off cleanly, it can be easily restored to its original state.

Even if you use it for rent, you only need to paste it once, so you can work efficiently.


The wallpaper adhesive tape is a thin white double-sided tape.

Let's reattach the wallpaper with adhesive double-sided tape that can be reattached as many times as you like
Using a unique strong adhesive gel compound, it is finished in a tape shape. You can freely adjust the length and paste it.

It is easily removable and will not scratch or stain walls or adhesive surfaces.

Can be re-pasted
No damage to the sticking surface
Can be restored to its original state
No masking tape required


Adhesive strength is restored by washing with water

If the adhesive strength is reduced, scrub with lukewarm water.

Adhesive strength is restored by removing fine dust.

After cleaning, please dry it before reusing it.

Easy to remove
No leftovers
Since it is a roll, it can be adjusted freely.
Adhesive strength is restored by washing with water


Easily redecorate your room with double-sided wallpaper tape
By using this tape, even those who have no experience of changing wallpaper can easily change the room.

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