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X-2 shoe racing system
will not tie!

Shoelace that can easily be tied up Rubber stretch shoelace + lock stopper





Resolve all troubles of shoelaces by elastic laces and locking system! !
The X - 2 shoe lace system is the same as passing ordinary shoelaces and it can be installed easily in about 5 minutes.
After installation, it is possible to adjust to the optimum fit feeling by one touch with rubber string and lock system.
Also, since the shoelace is made of rubber, it can be used as a slippon which is loosely adjusted.

It can be used for everyday use, training, various sports, outdoor activities and activities.
The pressure of the shoelace is evenly distributed on the foot by the elastic material, it can be used comfortably with less fatigue.
Children, adults, elderly people, athletes, those who are not good at tying shoelaces · · can be used for everyone.

Color variations:

Blue, Black, White, Yellow, Pink

Includes: Rubber straps × 2 String lock × 2 clips × 2

Material: rubber · plastic resin
Rubber string: diameter about 3 mm
Length: about 100 cm


■ Voices received from customers

It is also ideal for sports such as running and training.


The fit of the shoe was totally different by adopting a stretchable rubber string.
There is sense of unity in the feet and the shoes, I do not feel the weight more than before.
Since there is no useless movement of feet in the shoes, the legs and the landing are smooth.

This is easy


I arrived today so I wear it.
It was really easy as it just pulled out the shoelace that I had originally passed through the sneakers and passed this through.
As I passed through in order, I felt like a rubber feeling so I loosened it a little and passed it.
I let it pass through the string lock so it was safe to know that you can adjust later.
After walking about several kilometers it fitted naturally.

Very well done product


Because it holds firmly, even if you wear off a lot, there is no problem.
For sports, I usually set it to be loose.
I can use it flexibly, I love it.
It was easy to use. It can be installed in about 5 minutes to fix it on both feet.
Durability is also quite good and I feel no deterioration at all for now.
It is a very good product as mere extension of shoelace.

Middle cut boots as well

I tried using it on Moir of Merrel, but I took off my shoelace loosely and it made it easier to take off.
It was possible to set the accessory rubber strings comfortably without excess or deficiency.


X-2 Big Banner 160629 01.jpg

JAN code / product name / product number

4589786770018 / X-2 Black / UK-02A

4589786770025 / X-2 White / UK-02B

4589786770032 / X-2 Blue / UK-02C

4589786770049 / X-2 Yellow / UK-02D

4589786770056 / X-2 Pink / UK-02E

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