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Stilvolle tools ロゴ画像

Always be prepared

as the survivor

-SERE training and minimum survival tool

SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape) Training is basically training for aircraft crews with pilots as the lead. The aim is to make it possible to acquire the survival ability and the way to cope when it is taken prisoner, assuming a situation where it is forced to escape emergency from aircraft due to battle or accident.

In the end of the Korean War the American Air Force began to educate the pilots in order to make use of their experiences, training began in arms of various parts of the world since the Vietnam War era.

In recent years, the idea called a minimum survival tool that can be used while carrying in the daily life from the idea of the American military SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape) was born.



- Introduction of Stilvolle Tools.

From the idea of ​​the acquirer of SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape)

A survival tool that can be carried on any occasion, always prepared for emergency

Based on this concept, the multi tool brand that was born is Stilvolle Tools (Still Holz Tools).

Stilvolle Tools multi tool line

While feeling the same scale as a normal multi tool, it boasts unprecedented stylish and ingenious functions and designs, and the smallest size and light weight to withstand practical use, as well as usual outdoor use, as well as automobiles, aircraft, ships, etc. It is a multi tool series that was designed considering that it can be prepared as an emergency.

Stilvolle Tools accessory line

A survival tool you can always wear

Based on the theme of Stilvolle Tools, we offer innovative accessory type and card type survival tools.

Accessory × survival tool, card × survival tool is unique and original product.

Multi tool line

​Multi tool line

Fusion of functions inspired by US military standard small military axes, Tactical / Tomahawk, folding knife, multi tool into small tools.
We used 13 chrome stainless steel materials for all products, developed for cutting tool with excellent corrosion resistance and toughness.
The handle part provides high comfort and grip performance with a handle made on a characteristic molded aluminum body, ergonomically designed handle.




Product name: Axe Nine

Product number: UK - 04

JAN Code: 4589786770131

Number of installed functions: 9

Equipped functions: hammer, wrench · wire cutter, ax, corkscrew, Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, nail fillet, saw blade, knife


Product Description: 9 multi-ax type tool with function

While it is compact size that can be prepared for emergency, disaster, emergency escape, it can be used very easily as outdoor, leisure, gardening, fishing etc. as an ax.



AXE 9 was posted on "OCEANS" released on March 2019.

■ ”OCEANS” Official Site

AXE 9 was posted on "Disaster Prevention Bullet of Mono / Magazine" released on July 3.

■ Mono / Magazine Official Site

The limited number of new colors that enhanced the military color in AXE9 appeared! !

Color name 
        "Coyote "

and "Titanium gray"

The changed point adopted not only the color scheme of the grip part but also the stainless steel of a very neat matte black color also to the tool part.

Each color is limited to 500 pieces, so purchase early!

Camo Logo jpg

Product name: Axe Nine Camo Limited

Product number: UK - 04I

JAN Code: 4589786770889

Coyote Logo .jpg

Product name: Axe Nine Coyote Limited

Product number: UK - 04J

JAN Code: 4589786770896

TiGray Logo 19051401.jpg

Product name: Axe Nine Titanium gray Limited

Product number: UK - 04M

JAN Code: 4589786771145


Two Tone Black

Coyote Logo.jpeg

Product name: Axe Nine 2 Tone Black Limited

Product number: UK - 04N

JAN Code: 4589786771329

AXE CARD 24-millitary green.png

Product name: Axe Nine Military Green Limited

Product number: UK - 04Q

JAN Code: 4589786771350


Accessory line

Accessory line

American military training course SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape) Acquired by the idea from team idea Developed constantly portable minimum emergency accessories Survival tool

It consists only of the most important tools to survive in a survival situation.

This card and dog tag will be made of stainless steel boasting the strongest possible strength while maintaining light weight.

Using various arrowheads, it is possible to make arrows and spears for hunting.
With fishing hooks and trap locks it is possible to set up multiple lines and traps in various places.

In addition, the survival card · 12 can also be used to cut ropes, wires and woods in case of emergency, awls, needles, tweezers, and large and small saws.

The survival / dog tag has five functions necessary for the smallest size to be worn as a fashion item.

Card and dog tag

Product Name: Survival Card · 12
Product number: UK-04A01 / UK-04A01B

JAN Code: 4589786770179/4589786770186

Color Variation: Silver / Black

Number of installed functions: 12
Equipped functions: fish hook, small fishhook, arrowhead A, arrowhead B, trap lock large, trap lock small, awl, sewing needle, saw blade large, sawtooth small, tweezers, Trident

In case

Product Description: Card × Survival Tool

12 Survival tool that can be carried all the time with functions incorporated in card size.


Product Name: Survival Card · 11
Product number: UK-04A03 / UK-04A03B

JAN Code: 4589786770728 / 4589786770735

Color Variation: Silver / Black

Number of installed functions: 11

Equipped functions:

fish hook, small fishhook, arrowhead, expansion arrowhead, trap lock large, trap lock small, awl, sewing needle, saw blade large, tweezers, Trident

Product Description: 

Remove a saw blade (Small) from the survival card 12,

it becomes a slightly miniaturized model.

It has a size close to credit cards, which greatly improves portability.


Product Name: Survival / Dog Tag · 5
Product number: UK-04A02 / UK-04A02B

JAN Code: 4589786770193/4589786770209

Color Variation: Silver / Black

Number of installed functions: 5
Equipped functions: minus screwdriver, lure / trap lock × 2, arrowhead, fish hook × 2, fishing hook / split ring for lure

Product Description: Accessory × Survival Tool

5 A function that can be worn at all times by putting functions in dog tag size.


Product Name: Survival / Dog Tag · 7
Product number: UK-04A04 / UK-04A04B

JAN Code: 4589786770742 / 4589786770759

Color Variation: Silver / Black

Number of installed functions: 7

Equipped functions:

Box opener / scraper, fletching for Arrow, minus screwdriver(large and small), lure / trap lock × 2, arrowhead, fish hook × 2, fishing hook / split ring for lure

Product Description:

It is a model that further strengthened the function and design of survival dog tag 5.

It is processed, shaped like an ax which is a symbol of the brand.


American Air Force Emergency Escape Training Course SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape) Tools available for emergency, disaster, emergency escape from the idea of acquirer

Multi-tool of credit card size that can demonstrate its function even in a survival environment inspired and developed by the SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape) acquirer team.

In order to preserve excellent functions even under harsh environments, 24 kinds of functions are mounted in a size that can be carried at all times while using hardened stainless steel excellent in durability.

24 function built-in card type multi tool
Aggregate functions equivalent to or more than regular multi tool into credit card size


Just put a handle on this card, you can use the blade part as an ax.
Of course you can also use it as a knife, scraper, excavator can opener, box opener if you do not put on the handle.
Arrowheads can make arrows and spears and hunting is possible.
You can also use a cord cutter to cut ropes to make axes.
In addition, wrench, bottle opener, driver, ruler, sundial and sun compass etc are also installed.



Product name: Axe card · 24
Product number: UK - 04B

JAN Code: 4589786770391

Color Variation: Silver

Number of installed functions: 24
Equipped with: ax, scraper, excavator, knife, can opener, box opener, cord cutter, corkscrew, O2 wrench, wrench set, broad head wrench, arrow, spear, tomahawk, screwdriver 1/4 hexagonal screwdriver, Ruler, sundial, sun compass, protractor, ruler, inch ruler, 1/2 gas valve wrench, incense incense stand

Product size: 55mm x 85mm

Weight: 52 g

Product Description: Card × Survival · Ax × Multi tool

A new Ax card featuring 24 functions in credit card size appeared!

A definitive edition of survival multi tool that is always worn.

The limited number of new colors that enhanced the military color in AXE CARD 24 appeared! !

Color name 
        "Coyote "

and "Titanium gray"

Each color is limited to 2,000 pieces, so purchase early!


Product name: AXECARD24 Camo Limited

Product number: UK - 04O

JAN Code: 4589786771114


Product name: AXECARD24 Coyote Limited

Product number: UK - 04P

JAN Code: 4589786771121


Product name: AXECARD24 Ti gray Limited

Product number: UK - 04R

JAN Code: 4589786771145

Introducing Ax Card Pro, which adds a special grip and a special saw to Ax Card 24!

You can choose the color of the grip from blue and orange!


Product name: AXECARD Pro Silver & Orange grip

Product number: UK-04T01

JAN Code: 4589786771787


Product name: AXECARD Pro Camouflage & Orange grip

Product number: UK-04T02

JAN Code: 4589786771794


Product name: AXECARD Pro Coyote & Orange grip

Product number: UK-04T03

JAN Code: 4589786771800


Product name: AXECARD Pro Ti Gray & Orange grip

Product number: UK-04T04

JAN Code: 4589786771817


Product name: AXECARD Pro Silver & Blue grip

Product number: UK-04B02

JAN Code: 4589786771718


Product name: AXECARD Pro Camouflage & Blue grip

Product number: UK-04O02

JAN Code: 4589786771732


Product name: AXECARD Pro Coyote & Blue grip

Product number: UK-04P02

JAN Code: 4589786771756


Product name: AXECARD Pro Ti Gray & Blue grip

Product number: UK-04R02

JAN Code: 4589786771770


Product Name: Wallet Card 5
Product number: UK-04F(Gray) / UK-04K(Black) / UK-04L(Orange)

JAN code:4589786770810(Gray) / 4589786770902(Black) / 4589786770919(Orange)

Color variation: Black & Silver / Gray & Silver / Orange & Silver

Number of installed functions: 5
Mounting function: Card holder, comb, hex wrench, bottle opener, wire drawing

Product size: 86mm x 67mm x 23mm

Weight: g


Description of item:


Wallet × multi-tool

It is the appearance of a money clip that can store about 15 cards and also has a multi-tool function.

The card has a storage capacity that can hold up to 15 sheets while being as easy as carrying a stack of cards. It is possible to take out the card by pushing the dent on the bottom. Even if you get in your pocket, you won't get in the way of the suit jacket or pants.


An adjustable rubber band can hold up to 15 cards.

Rubber bands can also be used as money clips.

It has a multi-card quick access mechanism that allows easy insertion and removal of many cards.

-Superior design-The case body is made of silver stainless steel and is slim and very lightly portable.

RFID / NFC RFID NFC Protection-High security with credit card skimming prevention mechanism.


Product name:Wallet card 5 Gray
Product number:UK-04F
JAN code:4589786770810


Product name:Wallet card 5 Black
Product number:UK-04K
JAN code:4589786770902


Product name:Wallet card 5 Orange
Product number:UK-04L
JAN code:4589786770919

fastener tape __.jpg
Stilvolle tools Fastener Tape (White 05m
Stilvolle tools Fastener Tape (White 05m

Product Name: SURVIVAL KIT
Product number: UK-04S01 (black pouch) / UK-04S03 (navy pouch)

JAN code:4589787672074 (black pouch) / 4589787672227 (navy pouch)

Color variation: Black pouch / Navy pouch

Item List: Fire starter, handy LED light, PET bottle holder, whistle, multifunctional paracord, Ax 9, Ax card 24, Survival dog tag 7, Survival card 24, Dedicated carrying case

Weight: 721g


Description of item:

Stilvolle tools is a classic multi-tool set that is useful in the event of a disaster
With a set of only 721g, it can be easily carried even in the event of a disaster.

サバイバルキット商品説明 English.jpg

Product name:Survival Kit Black
Product number:UK-04S01
JAN code:4589786772074

Product name:Survival Kit Navy
Product number:UK-04S03
JAN code:4589786772227


Product number: UK-04S02

JAN code:4589786772081

Color variation: Black box

Item List: Ax card 24, survival dog tag 7, survival card 12, multi-tool card, self-defense tactical pen, wire saw for trap

Weight: 257g


Description of item:

From the standard multi-tools of Stilvolle tools, we have put together a set that is useful for hunting.
With a set of only 257g, it can be easily carried even in the event of a disaster.


Product name:Hunting survival kit
Product number:UK-04S02
JAN code:4589786772081

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